Metarun Skins Competition Open, NFT Players Gain Access to Higher Leagues

Metarun is one of the most stunning endless runners based on upgradable characters with renewable skins.
  • Metarun will overhaul its game economy in Q1, 2023, to offer several tiers of gameplay for NFT owners.
  • Genesis Mystery Boxes still on sale for a gradual adoption.
  • Metarun achieved more than 50K downloads, becoming a growing Web3 game.

Metarun is a game that speeds up the pace of Web3 adoption. Using the highly engaging model of an endless runner, Metarun ties up ownership with game success. Besides making the running competitions more fun, skins also determine the players’ potential to compete.

Metarun skins are relatively expensive, but tied to potentially higher in-game earnings in a dynamic and highly visited game. In its initial highly successful months, Metarun accrued 50K players on its mobile app, which allows free onboarding. 

The endless runner was among successful games in 2021, though most of its interactions are off-chain. Metarun Genesis NFT are found on the secondary market, reaching as high as 1 BNB. Skins are either bought to hold, or swapped on the game’s native marketplace. 

Metarun Growing NFT Adoption Gradually

Metarun is growing its NFT adoption with a slower pace. As of January 1, around 1,655 out of 9,999 Genesis Mystery Boxes were minted. Only the very engaged players choose to include NFT into their mix, as the game keeps up high asking prices. Metarun also offers three classes of playable characters – Ignis, Oro and Penna, with three rarities – Classic, Epic and Legendary.

The game allows for MRUN earnings, which can then be additionally staked. MRUN is a relatively liquid game token running on BNB Chain. MRUN is down to $0.00004, as the game’s main source of value are the special characters and skins. Bigger prizes come to higher-league players, though it is possible to start the game with a much smaller initial investment. 

Splitting players between leagues happened after Metarun tweaked its in-game economy, requiring more energy for higher-stakes competitions.

The game has a total of 10 Leagues, each having its own NFT skin and energy requirement. New players start at the Bronze league and can progress to the Diamond levels. NFT ownership is a requirement to go to Silver League or beyond. Metarun will launch its new economyin stages, completing it in early Q1, 2023.

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