Metarun Updates Guild System in Major Game Evolution

Metarun is one of the top Web3 projects built on Unreal Engine 5.
  • Metarun will offer three game modes and different League Points for free players or NFT owners.
  • Metarun is one of the most prominent and searched Web3 games.
  • The project will offer dynamic rewards in newly introduced Survival mode.

Metarun recently introduced one of the biggest upgrades, adding multiple features for additional engagement. The game will offer different tiers of playing based on a League system, as well as unranked gameplay to gather Energy. The changes have been planned in the past few weeks and have finally arrived.

Metarun remains one of the most successful newly launched games. Its NFT features focus around wearable skins and in-game variety. Now, the game has its own native marketplace for swapping rare skins. The game will always remain free, allowing new players to earn an Energy asset.

The League System is renamed from the previous MMR System, and players compete for League Points. The new rebalancing means some of the League Ranks will require more points based on in-game wins. Only the top 3 players receive League Points to add to their game status and achieve additional advancements.

However, there is a new challenge for owners of Legendary characters. They need to be in the first or second position, else they will lose League Points. Points depend on whether the player runs with a Free character, or with an NFT, which can be Classic, Epic, or Legendary.

For others, a new economic balance was introduced, taking into account character and cosmetic item rarity, as well as the potential to compete into one of the higher leagues and earn MRUN tokens. 

Metarun Offers Several Sources of Prizes and Value

Metarun is trying to be game-first and not rely on the value of its MRUN token to be appealing. This is one of the reasons for other prizes and achievements, including Energy, League Points or other items. 

Players will also be able to choose from one of the three Modes to play: Unranked for free players, with Energy earnings. Competitive mode grants Opal rewards, while survival mode may have still unannounced benefits.

The three modes may also have dynamic rewards, changing each day based on engagement and with items and prizes resetting each day at 0:00 UTC.

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