Metarun Opens PvP, New Map with NFT Box Mint

Metarun is just breaking out as a downloadable open beta, with OPAL token rewards and potentially valuable NFT.
  • Metarun (MRUN) launched its open beta and mystery box NFT mint.
  • The game will offer OPAL fixed-price tokens that can be swapped for MRUN.
  • Mystery boxes give a chance of earning NFT characters and skins of higher value.

Metarun, one of the long-awaited games, moved on from its closed beta stage into a full launch. The game already allows for PvP competitions, proving its spot among top Web3 games with tokenized earnings.

Metarun offers free access, but also advantages for starting out with one of the game’s playable heroes. Both the free and P2E versions happen on a detailed map, with 3D features using Unreal Engine 5.

The game’s NFT offers strategic boosts through special skins, with both cosmetic value and utility. Skins with combinations of features vary in value, between $90 and 4900, and there are only 9,999 Genesis NFT with even higher rarity. 

The biggest perk for Metarun is that buying a mystery box may lead to more valuable NFT, based on luck. A $99 mystery box can bring $900 in character and skins value. The items are also directly available from the game’s marketplace with more predictable rarity and pricing. The Genesis mystery box mint kicked off this October 15 and there are still slots left to gain the rarest items.

Metarun Brings OPAL Stabilized Token

At the start of the open beta, Metarun is still not seeing many interactions with BNB Chain. The game’s P2E activity is just starting out, and may expand in the coming weeks. The game will continue with a three-token model, including OPAL, MTRUN and MRUN. 

OPAL will become active from October 24, and will be converted for MRUN for further trading or cashing out. MRUN is currently at $0.002, and trades in a single pair on PancakeSwap. The game is yet to gain liquidity on crypto and NFT markets, but it also offers early access and potential growth. The low MRUN market price also makes the skins, characters and mystery boxes more accessible. 

The OPAL asset is stabilized and will always exchange at 270 OPAL for $1. The asset will also be rewarded for the game’s referral program. OPAL will exist as an in-game currency and will not be traded but swapped for MRUN.

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