Mobox Brings Clash of Moland to Alpha Test Stage

Mobox grows its family of games with quest and brawl opportunities, as well as MBOX creation and staking mechanisms.
  • Mobox to test Clash of Moland in a paid tournament until August 25.
  • Mobox games still among top offers on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Game earnings favor top players who reinvest resources.

Mobox will add another game to its collection, with Moland Clash reaching the alpha testing stage. The test will also work as an open days-long tournament with token rewards, open to join until August 25.

Clash of Moland will join the MOMOVerse and MOLand defense as part of the Mobox game package. Mobox remains one of the most influential projects on Binance Smart Chain, as well as the producer of one of the most successful BSC NFT collections. 

In addition to the test, the MOMOVerse will undergo another upgrade to add gameplay tweaks and an event description board. The biggest change will affect wild MOMO character release, doubling the time interval to 4 hours and the batch of characters from 18 to 36.

Mobox also retains its popularity for NFT trades and the occasional mystery box event. The next event is a mystery box raffle for social media engagement. 

Mobox has also partnered with the ChainZ game, releasing new heroes with game-specific skins. The gameplay season offers an exclusive Brawl Island for players with staked MBOX tokens. 

Recently, Mobox also released its Mobox Brawler game as a mobile app.

The busiest Mobox game remains Mobox NFT Farmer, with more than 18K players and more than $28M locked. The reason for the high player count is the lively interaction with NFT staking smart contracts.

MBOX token continue to go through regular burns, the latest one with the equivalent of 125K BUSD. The current MBOX market price is near a one-month high at $0.77. MBOX is still ranked low in terms of total market cap and may be considered undervalued given the influence of the Mobox family of games. 

The Mobox games are gaining some criticism for their earnings structure. Most MBOX rewards go to top players, who also reinvest some of their in-game MEC resources. At one point, players find it cheaper to buy upgraded Momo characters instead of upgrading at a cost and for a long time. The Momo level defines how much MBOX they earn in their gaming activity.

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