Mobox Hangs On as Top BSC Game, Airdrop May Arrive Soon

Mobox MOMO items resell for as much as $80, after Binance NFT organized burn to avoid non-KYC trades.
  • Mobox airdrop goes for voting on DappRadar platform.
  • MBOX recovers in the past week, close to $0.70.
  • Mobox remains steady while other P2E games on BSC lose positions.

Mobox remains one of the busiest gaming platforms on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), lining up among top distributed apps for the past month. Mobox also carries multiple open seasons for its sub-games, including Mobox Brawler, MOLand Defense and the MOMOVerse. 

DappRadar has currently opened a vote on an upcoming airdrop based on project popularity, and it’s showcasing the drive of the Mobox community.

The Mobox game is becoming a bellwether on trends in the P2E space, as well as approaches to keep users engaged while promising rewards. Mobox has moved away from a grind-based game, instead offering a more varied gaming landscape with mining resources, an internal market, character NFT, creatures, buildings and varied strategies.

Not all Mobox games have their player count displayed transparently. Mobox NFT Farmer, the NFT staking game, yields the most data, with around 3.33K players. Other games may have a much higher off-chain engagement.

Mobox is currently working on a downloadable version for its mix of games, offering its entire platform in HD. 

Additionally, Mobos also hinges on NFT staking and in-game rewards to boost its position. 

Mobox Stands Out Among P2E Projects

The MBOX token is going through a recovery along with the crypto market, rising to $0.69. Mobox MOMO creatures and mystery boxes remain among the top-traded NFT on the Binance marketplace. Common MOMO characters have recently traded for as much as 80 BUSD. 

The Mobox game universe survived after many P2E games based on BSC lost their player base. Mobox has been supported by Binance Labs, becoming one of the high-profile projects selected for its potential to build a powerful product.

The only problem with Mobox was the uncontrolled minting of mystery boxes and avatars. For that reason, Binance NFT organized a MOMO burn event, rewarding players with BUSD.

The burn event avoided the problem of selling NFT to accounts that did not go through KYC compliance. Most games can still be played anonymously, but platforms and exchanges try to monitor and avoid anonymous sellers to compy with international financial regulations.

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