Mobox Launches Much-Awaited Alpha Test

Mobox enters a new stage with a limited test of mining. Newly unlocked avatars to compete for 10 resource types.
  • Mining opens on April 7 with 10 resource types.
  • MBOX slides to $3.20 despite good news.
  • MOMOVerse avatars asking price reaches $150 on relisted items.

Mobox, one of the busiest games on Binance Exchange, launched its long-anticipated Alpha test this Wednesday. The MOMOVerse launch with the upcoming full gaming experience arrived just a day after an avatar unlocking event.

Mobox has enjoyed months-long curation and events on Binance NFT, culminating in an unboxing and avatar claiming event on April 5. The game organized social media events to showcase the avatars, just as it posted a live link to the MOMOVerse. 

The metaverse experience is open since April 6, but proper mining will start on April 7. The alpha test will run until April 14, when players will receive airdrops in proportion to the value of their resources.

The Mobox NFT playable avatars finally showcased the art intended for the game. Immediately, a secondary market for the cartoonish human avatars emerged. The avatars are being showcased for their potential value and will add to the Mobox game hype in the coming days. But ownership is not passive – the avatars are already playable, but can also be staked for additional rewards. 

Some avatar receivers immediately list their NFTs on Binance NFT, sparking the secondary MOMOVerse market. Top asking prices are at around $150, with most offerings between $15 and $40. The NFTs are still in a stage of price discovery and some owners may decide to hold for the long term or for playing. 

Avatars will be key for productivity after mining starts in the MOMOVerse. Avatar owners will compete for 10 types of minable and upgradable resources. The mining game mechanic will also help to discover the value and earning potential of various MOMOVerse avatars.

MBOX Token Slides Despite Positive Developments

Despite the news of the test launch, the price of MBOX slid in the past day, down from $3.80 to around $3.20. Still, MBOX is closer to its higher range for the past months. Recently, MBOX also added a PancakeSwap decentralized pair.

This means MBOX can be used for liquidity mining within that pair, though with the need to absorb potential impermanent losses. MBOX also remains one of the most liquid P2E tokens, due to its presence on the Binance exchange. 

After the game’s test, MBOX may benefit from both trader and player interest.

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