Mobox (MBOX): How This Game Performs After the MOMOVerse Launch

Mobox (MBOX) doubled player count after MOMOVerse launch.
  • Mobox metaverse launch doubled the player count this week
  • $MBOX token above $2.30 boosting P2E earnings
  • Mobox payouts from new mining opportunities brings BSC whales to the game

Mobox (MBOX), the busiest game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a few days into launching its MOMOVerse. The MOMOVerse is a multi-experience environment with subsets of niche experiences: MOMO world, MOprofession, MOmarket, MOsocial, MOseum, MOland, MOBOX Creator.

The MOMOVerse is thus a full metaverse experience, with a selection of roles and playing strategies. The launch arrived just a year after the Mobox project went live on BSC. 

Now, Mobox is offering almost daily perks and updates, most recently opening another round for MOLand Defense Beta.

The biggest boost of MOMOVerse is the broadened mining experience, with five extra mining camps in addition to existing mining opportunities. 

Mobox Users Double in Days

The launch of new mining camps and metaverse hubs immediately reflected in the number of users. Active users on the platform broke above 60K in the past week, lifting MBOX to the top 5 list of P2E games. Mobox moved to the number 2 spot in BSC apps, while remaining the top game. 

Mobox has kept its dominance over the second-best game, Bomb Crypto. The latest player expansion shows that metaverse experiences have significant appeal, especially when coming with mining earnings.

How MBOX is Performing

After a recovery across the board for all crypto coins and tokens, MBOX had a small relief rally. The asset climbed to $2.38, extending the trend of recovery from three-month lows. 

MBOX lines up among BSC projects with the highest market cap. Additionally, the Mobox game currently has a favorable opportunity for earnings with a rapidly appreciating token. 

The recent game activity also showed MBOX sees action from large owners, or “whales”.

Mobox has partnered with Yield Guild Games, potentially boosting its player count. A preview of one of the game’s smart contract reveals a variety of players, with some receiving under 3 MBOX, but one wallet managing to gain more than 97 MBOX with a notional value of $230. 

The MOMOVerse arrives at a time when most P2E games work with smaller rewards and face sliding token prices. Mobox is now a chance to switch to a game in the sweet spot of still easily available token rewards and a bull market lifting MBOX.

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