Mobox NFT Farmer Draws In Peak Player Count

Mobox has a series of game modes, of which NFT Farmer with a DeFi component is the busiest.
  • MBOX token rallies to $1.13 on KuCoin exchange listing.
  • MOMO avatars rarity boosts game results.
  • Mobox avatars now available from about 10 BUSD.

Mobox is one of the games managing to keep up its user engagement with a mix of updates and missions. The busiest game in the Mobox ecosystem remains Mobox NFT Farmer, which mixes NFT staking with decentralized finance. It is also one of the most liquid P2E games due to its financial model. 

Mobox sets up both in-game and token-based competitions and challenges. In a bid to support its token, MBOX, there is also a competition for KuCoin exchange deposits and trading. 

On the day of the competition, Mobox smart contracts also noted a pickup in activity, up to 66.92K players. Additionally, the game holds $48.11M in notional value. 

The competition followed the May 19 listing of MBOX on KuCoin, one of the most active crypto exchanges in South Korea. The new listing immediately raised the price of MBOX to $1.13, up nearly 10%. MBOX, like other tokens, struggles to return to previous highs as projects reassess the P2E balance within the game.

With new MBOX/USDT and MBOX/BTC pairs, the game will have more opportunities to reach users who are also interested in trading. 

Is Mobox Sustainable

Mobox avatars are also key to participation in the game, including the MOMOVerse and the recently launched mini survival game. Avatars resell at as low as 10 BUSD, granting access to daily rewards, mining and crafting rewards and other special events. Mobox avatars have a floor price of 3.69 BUSD, but have traded more than 3M BUSD in total volume.

The MOMO creatures within the game can also be burned to increase scarcity. The game also introduces rare items. MBOX token burns also happen regularly, with the goal of achieving a sustainable NFT game economy. Mobox is considered one of the undervalued projects, with a high level of completion and only a temporary setback due to bearish market conditions. Rare and epic MOMO NFT also make a difference in game rewards. The game also offers partnerships and tournaments to drive engagement.

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