Mobox NFT Farmer Player Count Climbs Again

Mobox, a portfolio of metaverse games, aims to offer Web3 access to as many new users as possible.

Mobox NFT Farmer saw players rise 10X in a couple of days, in another of its cyclical expansions. The game now has a little below 40K players, though it has reached a peak at 90.2K players in April. During peak times of demand, Mobox NFT Farmer has invited up to 180K players.

Active usage keeps Mobox NFT Farmer as the third most-active app on Binance Smart Chain, almost catching up with Second Live, which is still the top game. The Mobox game locks in more than $90M in value, a unique proposition among P2E games due to the tokenomics structure. The reason for this is that Mobox also works as a liquidity mining operation, while also building a game on top of the DeFi model. 

The Mobox game family includes MOLand Defense, MOMOVerse, ChainZ Arena, Block Brawler and Token Master. Mobox NFT Farmer is the top game used to tap the potential of liquidity mining from holding MBOX tokens. 

Mobox Gets Boost from DeFi Value Locked

To compare, even more active games lock in less than $200K, while struggling to provide a more significant earnings potential. Mobox is now turning into a higher-tier game, with the likes of The Sandbox, Gala Games and the BAYC ecosystem. One tool to avoid the fizzling out of P2E games is to simply have a bigger project with more funds to burn while building up the player base. 

Mobox is also one of the most actively developed games with new features and a robust competition for resources. The game also used active promotion from Binance NFT, with a mid-range pricing of its avatars and NFT items. 

MBOX Lost 50% in April

April turned into a negative month for most crypto assets. MBOX was no exception. Despite the game’s multiple updates, the native token traded at $2.05. MBOX lost around 50% of its value in April, similar to other P2E tokens.

Even burns may not be enough to support the MBOX price, despite being among the most actively traded P2E assets.

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