Nakamoto Games Ready to Call Out to Web2 and Web3 Developers

Nakamoto Games aims to onboard developer teams, with an easy deployment of their games on Polygon.
  • Nakamoto Games is relauncing as Naka 2.0 in April.
  • New mobile app expected soon, after website overhaul.
  • Nakamoto Games will onboard existing Web2 games, offering passive income to developer teams.

A month after announcing its new roadmap for 2023, Nakamoto Games shared further details of the tools available for onboarding Web2 apps into Web3. Nakamoto Games evolved beyond a collection of mini-games, and aims for onboarding a wider circle of apps. 

Not only Nakamoto Games offers tools, but also a direct path to all submitted projects to gain elements of a Web3 game. Nakamoto Games is an entire ecosystem with its established NAGA token, and has so far added projects that do not necessarily want to create their own crypto asset. 

Nakamoto Games will be one of the few hubs to offer direct conversion tools on their renewed website. The end goal is to onboard 500 games by the end of 2023, targeting already completed products and apps.

One of the major perks for developers is that even existing games can be brought to the Nakamoto Games platform. Developers that convert a Web2 app to Web3 can also gain a passive income through fees, based on the game’s rating and activity.

Nakamoto Games Among Most Influential Polygon Products

Nakamoto Games is one of the earliest crypto platforms with a relatively simple model. The hub stands out for being a de facto play to earn game infrastructure, created at a time when it was too hard for independent games to build up all their elements of marketing, listings and NFT trading. 

Nakamoto Games will still use the Polygon blockchain, which is compatible to Ethereum. Due to its already busy collection of games, Nakamoto Games is still among top influential hubs on Polygon.

To make access easier, Nakamoto Games plans a new mobile app for most of its features, set to arrive in Q2. The app will arrive after the promised upgrades and the launch of Naka 2.0, expected in April.

Nakamoto Games will also extend its usual advantage of drawing in multiple users into one hub. A new event organizing system is also coming soon, to boost the creation of special tournaments and meetups. 

Nakamoto Games is also an NFT marketplace, offering to carry items with in-game utility, as well as rare collectibles.

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