Icons of Theia Adds New Features to Closed Beta in Preparation for Launch

Icons of Theia will be free-to-earn, with prizes for top leaderboard performers. Now in closed beta, developed after a seed round of $3.7M.

Icons of Theia is growing by expanding its invitation list in closed beta.

Mobile versions coming soon, ranked gameplay to be introduced next.

  • Icons of Theia offers fantasy-themed strategy with turns-based arena battles on a grid.

Icons of Theia is a turns-based match action game, based on a mix of territorial strategy and the skills and stats of the Icons used. The goal of the game is to pick the best Archetypes, position them and prevail in PvP matches. 

Icons of Theia is now gaining traction, adding new features to its closed beta in preparation for a wider launch. The game is the product of Theia Studios, an experienced team with a goal of producing multiple Web3 and free-to-play games. Theia Studios built its first game after a seed round of $3.7M raised from a list of 12 backers.


Icons of Theia is open for pre-listing for its next closed beta test. Signups are open, and the game team is preparing to send out live invitations soon. The game is also running with hundreds of players, preparing for a new batch. Icons of Theia is also tweaking its game balance and the attack and defense powers to produce more fair matches. 

Icons of Theia to Add Ranked Mode

Even in its closed beta release, Icons of Theia is preparing to become a competitive play-and-earn game. Leaderboards are coming next, following the latest wave of onboarded closed beta testers. 

Icons of Theia demands players to pick the best strategies on its grid, choosing movement and defense patterns for the turns-based defense and attack. 

Icons of Theia brings a fantasy style with several classes of characters, each with their mix of strong and weak sides. The turns-based battle resembles the approach of TimeShuffle or other similar tower defense and simulated arena games. Top players will join the Iconic League for an even higher tier of prizes to be announced. 

Icons of Theia is planning to launch a mobile version soon, and remain a free-to-play and free-to-earn game. Initially, players must collect their characters and upgrade them through in-game resources, before engaging in the turns-based battle. The game team is also busy adding new playable Icons with varied designs and skills.

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