Pegaxy Adds Guidelines on Wind Factor Stadiums

Pegaxy PGX token is trading below the IDO price as the game tries to offer more appealing rewards.
  • Pegaxy may have to reinvent itself as more players may be giving up on the game.
  • Wind factor stadiums and Pega offer speed advantage to the right type of NFT.
  • More scholarships are available, Pega giveaways as supply keeps increasing.

Pegaxy added a new guideline to stadium conditions, this time with the Wind element of Pega NFT. Previously, players had to discover interaction by trial and error. Currently, Pega owners can pick up stadiums from a small pool, trying to match the Pega statistics to the weather conditions.

The Pegaxy game is just days away from adding NFT drops to each competition, possibly becoming more engaging. The game is still under pressure to make a return after losing the appeal of VIS and PGX earnings. 

VIS has recovered only slightly to $0.00005, while PGX trades at $0.011. Without the initial hype, Pegaxy is far from repeating the success of Axie Infinity, as it was expected in 2021. Pegaxy has fallen down to be the eighth most active game on Polygon, with 4.41K players per day. Big leagues are still at advantage, and Founding Pega owners at least had the addition of a potentially valuable PHP NFT item. 

Will Pegaxy Survive the Asset Price Breakdown

Pegaxy has the advantage of early adoption and availability on multiple guilds. But lately, the game has faced criticism for a virtually non-existent P2E earnings. 

At the same time, Mirai Labs, the builder of Pegaxy, continues to show interest in the game with long-term development. Recently, the firm put Corey Wilson at its helm, while also looking to hire new developers. 

Pegaxy had a relatively small IDO, raising around $400,000. The PGX sale price was $0.02, higher than the current position, though the IDO offered significant return at the peak. However, high-priced Pega NFT can hardly recoup their value, and remain in the ownership of guilds. 

The lower player count also means potential new players can test out the game for free. Guilds keep making access easier, with Legendary and Epic Pega available. For now, fusions are also going slow, with Pega count increasing all the time. Giveaways are also multiplying, as Pega NFT have lost their price floor.

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