Pegaxy Releases Racing Statistics for Pega, Stadiums Advantages

Pegaxy will offer insight into the interaction of Pega NFT and the racing conditions on stadiums.
  • Pegaxy made the game more complex, but with few guidelines on the advantages of Pega features.
  • VIS continues its freefall, making breeding and fusion even cheaper.
  • Consumables with potential in-game effects expected on July 25.

Pegaxy hinted at more clarity on the outcome of racing, with a recent feature detailing some of the interactions between a Pega and stadiums. Players received a more transparent preview of potential strategies, especially after the game added the ability to pick racing conditions based on Pega features.

While racing is still automated, the above info may help some of the breeders to select for Pega features when racing. Some configurations of strength and speed features may yield better results. Pegaxy hinted at revealing more in-game tips to encourage players and clarify some of the game rules.

Pegaxy Assets Struggle to Retain Value

Currently, players have bred more than 1M Pega, mostly due to extremely low VIS prices. This makes both breeding and fusion more accessible. But some players are also trying to understand the mechanics behind racing and the best features to select.

Pega NFT are still divided by rarity, with the rarest types and breeds able to compete for higher PGX prizes. Any VIS earned is only viable as a tool to breed more adapted Pega and hope for higher earnings and advantage on certain racing lobbies. VIS is still in freefall, losing value down to $0.00006, down about 90% in the past quarter. 

The one asset with a rising price are the newly released PHP items, which reached a floor price of 0.01 ETH. 

Pegaxy is down to a core of about 3.7K users, still ranked seventh on the Polygon network. The game may attract more players as special drops come to races on July 25. The gameplay will also gain complexity with food items added and required to maintain the Pega.

The exact nature of food is still unknown. The items have been expected for a long time, and there are hints for color-changing features, stats improvement, shorter cooldown and other effects on Pegas. With consumables, once again the biggest advantage may come to guilds or players with multiple Pega and a dedication to seek out the best earnings strategies.

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