Pegaxy Breeding Chart: Understanding Playable NFTs

Pegaxy breeding: what are bloodlines and types?

Pegaxy is putting more emphasis on playable Pegas and their characteristics. The game also runs breeding programs to create new competitive combinations. 

Each Pega can breed up to seven times, making the breeding mechanic an ongoing necessity in the game. Vigorus (VIS) tokens are used to pay for each breeding, with a rising fee on each round. Roughly, VIS fees rise between 2,000 and 42,000 for each breeding, though special conditions may apply. 

What are the Types of Breedable Pegas

Types of Pegas, or bloodlines, are as follows: Zan, Klin, Kampona, and Hoz. Zan is the most common type, Hoz the most rare. Combining two types of Pegas has predetermined results for their baby Pega. As seen from the table, the Hoz bloodline is the rarest, because it is recessive: it will inherit the type of the non-Hoz Pega parent.

Breed Types: Another Measure of Rarity

Pegas can also be classified as Founding, Epic, Legendary, Rare and Pacer. Only two Founding Pegas can create an Epic new Pega. The most common type is the Pacer. The game rule is that a new Pega is always one breed type lower than the lowest parent. 

Why Bloodlines and Types Matter

Bloodlines matter in terms of cooldown periods between breeding: 24 hours for Hoz, 48 hours for Campona, 72 hours for Klin and 96 hours for Zan. All breeds need a resting period of 96 hours before racing again.

Do Bloodlines and Breed Types Affect Performance?

There is still no consensus on the best statistics to win a race. In the game, a Zan breed can win over a Hoz. Each Pega has a dashboard with temporary characteristics, as well as hidden stats. The hidden stats cannot be viewed by the player, but they attempt for a fair play.

Additionally, stadium conditions may affect racing chances. With statistics-based racing open from March 30, 2022, players had no predictable tool to match their stats and have an advantage within a race. Pegaxy tries to make the race as fair as possible, while giving incentives to select the best Pegas. 

How Many Pegas are Created?

Based on OpenSea data, there may be about 2,000 new Pegas in a single day. As of March 2022, there were above 496K Pegas for sale at a floor price of 0.01 ETH. 

With the new options of burning excess Pegas, the game will include a selection of the best possible NFTs for breeding and racing.

Guilds with multiple Pegas are the main source of mass breeding and organized events. The final effect of Pega counts will be known as the game progresses from statistics-based to skills-based.

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