Pegaxy Offers Tools to Use Remaining VIS Tokens

Pegaxy tried to burn the supply of VIS, but the token remained low-value.
  • Pegaxy is offering alternative tools for value generation while players wait for the new game.
  • A minimal new product may arrive in the next few weeks.
  • Value Unlocked also allows Pegaxy players to join its referral program.

Pegaxy players remained stuck with VIS tokens in various forms, and those tokens were essentially unusable. The game, which is now in the process of rebuilding from scratch, said it will not retire the assets PGX and VIS. However, Pegaxy is looking for new ways to use those tokens and add value. 

A recent partnership will give a way for Pegaxy players to use some of their VIS in other projects. Pegaxy will allow its VIS to be used on ValueUnlocked for other NFT items.

Players will be able to redeem VIS on the ValueUnlocked platform for gift cards or physical items. The partnership also invites all former Pegaxy users to join the referral program, earning additional VUE tokens to use on ValueUnlocked. 

Currently, VIS is trading at around $0.00008, and is no longer used to breed or other in-game functions. At the later stage of Pegaxy, most players also locked in their VIS within the game. Pegaxy is yet to release details on treating the different types of VIS, the ones locked in the game and the remaining tokens held in wallets. VIS withdrawal from the game has been made deliberately more difficult in the past few months. 

Pegaxy Extends Art Competition Deadline

Pegaxy still expects to launch its game toward the end of Q1. At that time, the game is also trying to engage users with a still open content creation competition, with submissions deadline shifted to January 27.

After its launch, Pegaxy will build a game more focused on NFT and valuable items, and less reliant on tokens. For now, the game has not added details on how its new economy would work and how it would integrate the existing Pega NFT. Currently, the Pegaxy collection is also missing from OpenSea as the game is overhauling the NFT utility. 

Pegaxy is the closest thing to a failed P2E game. However, the project has delivered some of its promises, and failed mostly due to the effects of the bear market. The game was stopped due to high costs to support servers and low potential earnings. Pegaxy only has residual players, with a few dozen interactions with its smart contracts.

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