How to Buy Pegaxy Assets for Play to Earn

How to swap Pegaxy assets, acquire playable characters and find the shortest path to token swaps.

Pegaxy is a P2E game that cannot be played without some initial asset ownership, or at least renting. Buying game assets, however, may be meaningful as a tool for investment and more chance at game earnings. 

What are Pegaxy Assets

There are three chief types of assets, all using the Polygon network. The PGX token was intended as a voting asset, and is also traded in reflection of the value of the Pegaxy game. 

VIS is the next key asset, also known as Vigorus. It is the energy-token used to breed new Pegas. VIS is also used for liquidity mining, staking, and after an update may be required to buy food for playable Pegas. 

Then, there are the Pega playable horses, of which more than 440K have been generated and are traded on OpenSea. The Pegaxy marketplace also contains a list of available Pegas, for a more direct purchase on the Polygon network. 

Some of the NFTs are kept by guilds or newly emerged breeding farms that optimize for rare competitive horses. Pegas can be acquired in two ways: by buying, or by breeding new playable characters through the game’s breeding hub.

How PGX and VIS are Traded

PGX and VIS have limited representation on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The assets use Polygon-based decentralized exchanges like KyberSwap or QuickSwap. Access to decentralized trading is direct, by connecting MetaMask or another wallet. 

DEX websites will point to the preferred wallets that can be used. KyberSwap, for instance, uses MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect and the Ledger app.

The token availability and liquidity is not guaranteed at any moment. 

To acquire VIS or PGX, the most direct approach is to buy USDT from the Changelly swapping service. The Changelly app is also a direct fiat ramp to acquire base assets like USDT or ETH, which can then be swapped for P2E tokens. 

However, the process may become more complex, as those assets need to be moved on the Polygon network. The bridge to Polygon may require additional ETH fees for gas. Some tokens can be swapped directly from the MetaMask wallet. Still, it is a good idea to always hold an ETH balance for fees.

Are Pegaxy Assets Sold for Cash

Pegaxy assets offer crypto-based exchanges, and cannot be directly bought and sold for cash. 

The most direct way is to buy base assets or Bitcoin (BTC) with a debit card. Buying or cashing out Pegaxy assets for PHP or another currency is possible only in multiple steps.  

In-Game Pegaxy Assets

The Pegaxy playing page also offers direct access to the KyberSwap exchange. Once MetaMask is connected to the Pegaxy game, swapping tokens is possible in fewer steps.

Pegaxy has not yet added a fiat on-ramp or a tool to cash out. 

What are the Risks of Buying Pegaxy Assets

Buying Pegaxy assets has risks inherent to using tokens. Make sure you are using the right link and not following links from personal messages and emails. 

Only unlock your wallet when visiting the official link of Pegaxy. It is best to use a new wallet only for Pegaxy gameplay, and make sure you are not holding valuable NFTs. 

Do not send funds to a smart contract address, or they may be lost. 

Buying Pegaxy assets is only one possible ramp to play the game. In the next Play2Moon guide, we will look at ways to rent Pegas and earn game reward tokens.

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