Starting with Pegaxy: How to Rent Pega NFTs

Pegaxy renting: how to start playing without buying Pega NFT.
  • Escrow contracts ensure automation and asset protection.
  • 544K Pega NFT available on OpenSea, Guilds rent out extra Pegas.

Pegaxy has greatly expanded its number of Pega NFT. The playable horses, which are also breedable, stem from the first generation, or Founding NFT items, producing endless combinations of Breed and Type. 

But not all players want to own Pegas. Especially after March 31, Pegaxy shifted to a statistics-based gameplay, which makes it difficult to estimate which Pegas will bring the best advantage. 

Renting is one way to test Pegaxy without committing to NFT ownership. 

How Decentralized Renting Works

Pegaxy has up to 20K players per day and a growing community. Renting Pega NFT has been automated and uses the same principles as decentralized apps. There is no central coordinator to renting and it is a trustless activity, meaning its fairness and security hinge on blockchain consensus.

In the earlier stage, Managers would manually pay Scholars, with risk involved for both parties. Now, the payouts can be automated and use either a fixed rate or a profit share rate. 

Is Pega Renting Safe for Both Guilds and Scholars

The Pega NFT are kept in an escrow wallet, which can have a preset timer to play the Pega. There is no way the Scholar or renter can take the NFT and resell it. 

In some forms of scholarships, the Manager can also reclaim their Pega at any time under a flexible agreement. All the time, both Pegas and earnings are protected by smart contract escrow accounts, not allowing unfair transactions. 

Direct Rental: How Scholarships Rule

Direct Rental is a special tool that uses smart contracts. A manager can assign Pegas to a potential Scholar and only the specific Scholar can accept the contract. 

Wallet signatures ensure that Pegas for rent do not end up in a different wallet. Direct Rental also saves time for Guilds or Managers, along with Profit Share and Fixed Rental. The automation means no NFT needs to be moved manually, potentially removing human error. 

Pegaxy Keeps On-Chain Data for Renters and Managers

The Pegaxy game has built a complete system of on-chain records for all activity. Guilds are onboarded in a verified list, with the goal of having transparent data verified on the Polygon blockchain. This will increase safety and discourage bad actors. 

All renting activity on Pegaxy requires a connected wallet like MetaMask, set to the Polygon blockchain.

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