Pegaxy Fusion Now Available for Valentine’s Day Pega NFT

Pegaxy will open its Fusion game mechanic to inherit the special effects of Valentine’s Day Pega NFT.

Pegaxy still brings in 11.92K players per day, among top Polygon games.

P2E model may still be viable for guilds with more Pegas and a breeding and fusion strategy.

The special effects Pega NFT from this year’s Valentine’s Day event can now be used in the Pegaxy Fusion game mechanic. The Valentine’s Day event was a great success, producing NFT horses with special effects. 

The Pegas can now fuse with other Types and Breeds, producing a new NFT based on special rules. 

The combination of a regular and special effect Pega will retain the rare effect. However, combining two Valentine’s Pegas will not increase the rarity of the special effect. Only Type combinations will apply, resulting in a more powerful Type, one tier above the Pega combined.

The VIS cost for fusions will remain the same as normal fusion fees based on Types getting fused. 

Pegaxy Turns to Guild-Driven Game

Pegaxy still attracts 11.19K registered players, based on Polygon chain data. The game’s earning ratio, however, means the bigger prizes still go to guilds or breeding operations, which own multiple Pega NFT. 

Unfortunately, the Vigorus (VIS) token keeps losing value week-on-week. VIS is down by another 30%, to $0.0002. This asset, however, makes fusion and breeding more accessible. This means guilds can hope to compete in higher-tier races.

PGX, the racce reward token, hovers around $0.033, also diminishing the game’s potential returns. However, guilds with significant Pega holdings can still race, upgrade and win exclusive badges. 

The Pegaxy game has now almost moved beyond the initial model where even low-scale players could get regular token income. However, the game team has shown it is ready to continue development, with new types of income generation and value sinks coming next year. 

Pegaxy plans to launch a web-based game in addition to its mobile app. The game’s stadiums will turn into metaverse assets. Players will also build a treasury to redistribute fees and further drive game development.

For now, both PGX and VIS mostly use DigiFinex for swaps, with tools available within the game. VIS and PGX also get burned for fusion strategies, still awaiting a brighter future for the tokens based on Pegaxy development.

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