Pegaxy Introduces New Tweaks to Racing, Earnings Balance

Pegaxy to introduce a new fee schedule to deal with the oversupply of VIS.
  • Pegaxy to introduce fees for Drop Racing, as well as regular race participation.
  • VIS to be locked up within the game or in a smart contract to pay for breeding, fusion, and racing.
  • The racing fees will be partially burned, and partially used as a prize pool based on Pega NFT breed and level.

Pegaxy completed the latest maintenance in a bid to restructure its racing. The game aims to recover its previous appeal, while promising more rights and responsibilities to scholars. 

Pegaxy aims to retain its top guild operators and the owners of Founding Pega, Crowned Pega or other exclusive NFT. But to achieve mass adoption and more players, Pegaxy will rebalance its racing. 

The biggest change for Pegaxy is that now, it will be a pay-to-play game, with fees for each race. Until now, players could join races only restricted by their Pega NFT energy levels. Pegaxy also tweaked its drop racing and renting system.

However, the new addition of Pledge Racing may also restrict the game further. On the positive side, Pegaxy moves in the direction of creating a more substantial prize pool. The game has lost its appeal precisely because its regular income mechanism is insufficient to draw in players. 

Both regular racing and drop racing will have participation fees, paid in VIS tokens. The fees will be partially burned, and partially redistributed to the winners. As with other Pegaxy mechanics, the owners of Founding and Legendary Pega will have the highest race prizes.

VIS Lockup Causes Token Price to Rally

The other big change is that players will need to store up VIS tokens and move them off-chain. Gold VIS will be locked in the game and used for breeding, fusion and other tasks. Silver VIS, locked on-chain, will be used to pay fees. 

The news caused VIS tokens to rally by 214% to $0.00009 from their all-time lows. The need for VIS will stop the potential for constant selling. PGX remains mostly unchanged at $0.006. 

Players need to plan ahead about the VIS needed, as the mobile version only allows deposits but not withdrawals. There is also a lockup period to move VIS on the Polygon blockchain again. The desktop version will support both deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit will be 1,000 VIS to avoid spam transactions. The general idea is for players to top up their wallets and avoid constant Polygon fees. 

With less interactions, Pegaxy accounts for 1.79K players per day, down from nearly 20K during highly active breeding campaigns. However, the usage of the Pegaxy smart contract may not reflect all gameplays, especially if using off-chain tokens.

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