Pegaxy To Revive Game with “Wave of Updates”

Pegaxy is still trying to make the game viable for a wider audience, as assets keep sliding.
  • Pegaxy scholars may be targeted by a honeypot scam with fake tokens.
  • New racing and renting tweaks coming this week after a scheduled maintenance period.
  • VIS, PGX still near lows, common Pega NFT lose value.

Pegaxy is hinting at another wave of updates, to alter the rules of racing with the goal of improving the game’s balance. Currently, Pegaxy has much lower activity due to its sinking payouts. 

The game will go through maintenance starting September 20, to accommodate new changes to racing.

The update will also make improvements for renting Pega NFT, as the game team promised to give scholars more leeway in making breeding and fusion decisions.

All Pegaxy changes may improve the balance of Pega NFT resources, consumables, and VIS tokens burned. However, it is uncertain if this would be enough to return the game’s profitability. Currently, Pegaxy attempts to balance its game with more VIS fees for high-ranked owners, while also giving away higher prices in racing. 

The last racing change created a new type of event, where players do not compete for PGX and VIS, but for Key Fragments and Mystery Boxes. 

Pegaxy Scholars Targeted with Scams

There are plenty of Pega NFT to rent on Pegaxy, and scholarships may still be a viable option to test out the game. However, scholars are also getting targeted with a new honeypot scam. 

Players receive promising tokens in their wallets, but those assets can lead to a malicious smart contract, capable of emptying out the entire wallet.

Pegaxy Hopes to Boost Asset Prices, Rarity

Pegaxy introduced Crowned Pega, a new feature accessible to Fabled Token owners. There are still only a handful of Crowned Pega NFT, carrying special perks. The exclusive rarity makes those Pega stand out from 1.12M NFT minted

Additionally, players can ran their Pega higher through winning races. Currently, 16.3K owners are listed as having a Pega, the result of multiple highly active breeding campaigns. However, the floor price of Pega has fallen under 0.01 ETH with no potential to recover.

Despite the previous series of updates, Pegaxy lost most of its players, down to 2K per day. Pegaxy slid from a top 5 Polygon game, down to still being in the top 20, but with a much lower overall player count. Pegaxy was among the top popular games that still has problems in reinventing its P2E model. 

VIS tokens are trading at $0.000015, while the reward and staking PGX token is at $0.005. The assets keep close to their lows, especially after the latest crypto market slide.

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