Pegaxy Launches Voting Platform to Reflect User Wishes

Pegaxy is still favoring guilds, but for beginner players, the ratio of game difficulty and asset prices is unraveling.
  • Pegaxy (PGX) will formalize voting for game changes and rebalancing competitions.
  • Players exposed to falling prices for Pega NFT, PGX and VIS tokens.

Pegaxy, the simulated horse racing game, is always ready to tweak its model. It is one of the examples of attempting to fix problems in P2E profitability. Now, Pegaxy will finally use the PGX token for voting in the new Themis platform.

In the past, Pegaxy has shifted its reward balance based on feedback, though unofficial. Now, game issues, Type balance and competitions will be voted by PGX holders. 

Is Pegaxy Becoming a Game for Guilds

Pegaxy is shifting the P2E equation in a way that may favor guilds and early, large-scale owners. Pacer horse owners are almost out of the loop, with the lowest rewards possible. Lower types are also excluded from the mobile app. 

The game also pays special attention to guild achievement, and ranks guilds on the blockchain. But for beginner players, the entry point is not that straightforward. Players with few owned Pega report very low earnings and low race winning potential. 

In addition to that, there is confusion with Pega statistics and no clear tools to build advantages. Thus, owners of better Breed and Type Pegas have an edge and can win competitions with a much higher reward. 

Pegaxy Assets Sink to New Lows

Pegaxy still keeps up the number of players, with 14.36K in 24 hours. In the meantime, 751.3K Pegas are on sale on OpenSea, the remnant of the April breeding event. The floor price has tanked to 0.003 ETH.

Now, players are calling for potential tools to burn VIS and improve the balance of both tokens and Pega ownership. 

PGX has been in freefall, dropping from $0.10 to $0.04 in a week. VIS fell from $0.0019 a week ago and sank to triple-zero positions at $0.0004. At this point, new players may find the game unprofitable, or at least less profitable than simply trying to trade the assets. 

PGX and VIS currently depend on DigiFinex, though the asset also has an incipient trading presence on Bitrue. The Pegaxy community now campaigns for wider listings, targeting KuCoin, one of the leading South Korean exchanges.

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