Pegaxy Mobile App Prepares for the Next Batch of Players

Pegaxy (PGX) tests mobile app in beta before launching open version for all Pega owners.
  • VIS, PGX still await centralized exchange listings, ByBit proposed as option.
  • Snapshot for Rare and Epic Pegas scheduled for April 23.
  • Pegaxy game still invites more than 30K players.

Pegaxy already onboarded the owners of Founding and Legendary Pegas to the new mobile app. After the launch, the game prepares for another snapshot, this time for Rare and Epic Pega NFTs.

The mobile app is still in beta mode and set up manually, and Pegaxy is still gathering data on bugs and functionality. The relaunch as a mobile app is yet to affect the Pegaxy player count. After a peak above 40K players, Pegaxy stepped back, down to around 31K players in the past 24 hours. The new count is happening under renewed conditions of cheaper Pega merging, combined with the recently introduced statistics gameplay.

Pegaxy Value Hinges on NFT, Token Liquidity

The listing of Pega NFTs continues, with now 694.5K available on OpenSea. But this time, in a day, the floor price rose from 0.005 ETH to 0.006 ETH. The NFT market will be one of the first to indicate the effect of Pega Fusion. 

To the game’s credit, it has one of the most active communities, with multiple guilds. The biggest challenge for Pegaxy is to have its assets accepted to centralized exchanges. Pegaxy is one of the games with grass-roots player growth, but slow exchange listings. Now, the community will work toward adding VIS and PGX to major markets, potentially achieving a feat similar to Axie Infinity.

Pegaxy may be targeting Bybit Official, one of the up and coming exchanges with rising crypto derivative trading volumes. The Pegaxy game is also fighting for its reputation.

Despite lining up among top Polygon games, for some, its P2E model is defunct. However, Pegaxy works for guilds and stables that have accrued value and generate reliable income streams from the new increased race pools for top Pega types.

PGX remains pressured at $0.14, while VIS continues to slide to a lower tier of $0.003. Despite the still favorable burn/mint ratio, VIS has not rallied for a while and extends the downward trend.

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