Pegaxy Moves to Stats-Based Breeding and Racing

Pegaxy poses new challenges as Pega stats now matter more in racing outcomes.
  • Players and guilds test out the best Pega NFTs for winning races.
  • Game team creates incentive to breed, test and burn Pega NFTs.
  • Food and Gear items may be introduced to the game.

Pegaxy is ready with its breeding statistics gameplay, changing the way of creating and racing Pegas NFTs. Pegaxy now faces the challenge of keeping up its appeal and hype, with the help of a new type of gameplay and rankings.

The new genetics update precedes the upcoming breeding event where the balance of Pegas may shift with new playable NFTs and burning some of the excess tokenized horses. Players immediately noticed the “energy” statistic reflected on the chances of winning, creating an incentive to keep the energy of Pegas high. 

Players and Guilds Gather Performance Data

Players were also worried the new game rules may hurt some teams, but overall balanced stats worked well enough. Now, the game will reveal the true effect of exclusive NFTs and possibly raise the value of winning Pegas.

The current type of game gathers up around 11K players in 24 hours, with activity slashed in half in the past few days. Players will be rediscovering the best approach to win the game with a combination of Pega statistics. Breeding events will also be more complicated with testing the ground for the best genetic characteristics.

For now, the Pegaxy strategy incentivizes the creation of many Pegas, which will then be tested on varied stadium conditions. Currently, conditions cannot be selected and will favor different types of Pegas, mostly with middle-range characteristics. In the future, the game may also introduce Food and Gear items.

How the Update Affects Asset Prices

Pegaxy has shown success with events in the past, especially the rare breeding event on February 14. Even before the event, the number of Pegas listed on OpenSea rises by the day. As of March 31, there are more than 494K NFTs on offer, with a floor price of 0.01 ETH that is most probably achieved by bots buying up the lowest offers.

The stats-based racing, which replaced the random factor racing, will give extra value to some of the Pegas minted and change the rankings. During the update, Pegaxy temporarily switched to 2D racing before launching the 3D vision with the new game rules.

The new update did little for the market price of Pegaxy (PGX) and Vigorus (VIS). PGX hovered around $0.18, while VIS remained a sub-penny asset at around $0.0067. 

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