Pegaxy Opens Last Round of Mobile Onboarding for Pacer Owners

Pegaxy is struggling to keep up its profitability for new players. Game prepares for voting system to improve reward balance.
  • Skilled racing control may be in the works to boost Pega competitions.
  • Voting system Themis to launch on May 23.
  • PGX, VIS increase volatility, cut game’s earnings potential.

Pegaxy took the snapshot for Pacer Pega owners, who can now choose to join the test mobile app. The mobile beta was first issued to higher Types of Pega, and will still look for improvements.

After the launch, Pegaxy still logs a robust number of daily users, with 12.86K players per day. Pegaxy is still in the top 3 Polygon apps, with guilds onboarding new scholars. 

What’s Coming for Pegaxy Game and Community Development

Pegaxy is preparing for the Themis voting system launch, setting the date for May 23. With Themis, PGX will be used to cast a vote on the future game direction and the asset balance.

There are also signs that a skilled control feature may be developed, adding another layer of complexity to the game. 

Pega ownership will also give additional value, with a new role of “Pega owner”. Certified Pega NFT ownership will entitle the owners to a private Discord channel with exclusive perks and early announcements.

Until now, owning a Pega was strictly for in-game use, with no additional staking mechanisms or airdrops. Ownership is verified by connecting the Pegaxy wallet only to the game’s certified website. The Pega Owner role is not finalized and will work as a test for community engagement.

Is Pegaxy Still Profitable

Pegaxy has been around for months, and some Pega owners have an advantage. They can continue to use their older Pegas and possibly eke out earnings. For some owners, even with high-ranked Pegas, the game does not have a favorable earnings ratio. 

VIS sank by 50% in a week, becoming more volatile as it is now a sub-penny asset. VIS is down to $0.0002. PGX had a rally up to $0.03, though it often erases a significant part of its value.

There are now 793.6K Pega NFTs, growing more gradually in the weeks after the latest breeding event. The floor price managed to hang onto 0.003 ETH, with bots buying up cheaper Pegas.

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