Pegaxy Opens Mobile App to Wider Player Reach

Pegaxy will try to boost its player count with wider distribution of its mobile app.
  • VIS crashed from $0.25 to $0.0004 in less than three months.
  • Guilds with early access to top-tier Pegas are making the biggest winnings.
  • Game still logs nearly 20K users on some days.

Pegaxy, the simulated horse racing game, is expanding the reach of its mobile app. Early access was based on Pega type ownership, first breaking out to Founding and Legendary Pega NFT buyers. 

Now, the owners of Rare and Epic NFTs will be able to play the game on mobile. The app is still being tested for bugs, and access may be inconsistent.

The Pegaxy app is only available as a download from the game’s website. Any Pegaxy apps on stores are fake and may compromise Polygon wallets. Make sure you are only using the official download link.

Pegaxy Focuses on Guilds Competition

Pegaxy is one of the few games where leagues are verified on the blockchain. Now, the competition is between organizations owning multiple Pegas and using the work of scholars to compete for the game’s top rewards.

Pegaxy may be a challenge for players that are just starting out, as the higher rewards go to the owners of higher Type Pegas. There is a disparity between the investment to own the higher tier Pega NFT and the potential game rewards. For that reason, early investors are more likely to extract earnings and win competitions.

More than 772K Pega NFT were minted and are on offer through OpenSea. The floor price is down to 0.003 ETH. A total of 10.3K owners hold the Pega NFT, though ownership is concentrated by guilds or breeding farms. 

PGX rewards for competitions are also less valuable this week, as the asset sank to $0.03. VIS is logging more serious losses and is down to $0.0004. VIS is seriously affecting the game economy, as its price fell from $0.25 in February.

The token is inflationary and its only chance is the burn mechanism to upgrade Pegas, as well as breeding burns. However, the Pegaxy game earnings potential is deeply changed, with no way to predict the token price potential. 

At the same time, Pegaxy invites between 13K and 20K players per day in the past few weeks, while waiting game additions such as metaverse ownership of stadiums. In the future, Pegaxy may also add a skills-based game.

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