Pegaxy Perma-Bans Wallets of Identified Bots

PGX, VIS continue to crash on overall market downturn.
  • Pegaxy team makes special efforts to remove bots with outright bans.
  • PGX threatens to sink under $0.01 on bear market conditions.
  • Pega NFT still hold 0.002 ETH price.

Pegaxy has effectively perma-banned multiple wallets for discovering bot-driven activity. The VIS contained within the wallets is also essentially removed from the game, though it would not make a huge difference compared to the large overall token supply.

Pegaxy Bot Usage Noted in Renting, Racing

Pegaxy remains an idle game and bots may be used to avoid repetitive actions. Additionally, with diminished scholars, Pegaxy is facing another reckoning on what would make the game appealing in the long run. Bots may also be buying up NFT at the lower range, keeping up the floor price of Pegas. Pega NFT floor price remains stagnant at 0.002 ETH as any Pega that goes lower is bought up immediately.

The Pegaxy player count has also fallen immediately to 5.29K, down from peaks above 20K players. The former leading P2E game is now ranked seventh among Polygon apps as other games replace the lost activity. It is also unknown if the wallet bans have affected real players who also use bots. So far, Pegaxy has attempted to alter the game and diminish bot action. But for some activities such as renting Pegas, bots are still on offer to give a competitive edge.

Rentals were noted as a potential source of bot activity back in March, earning automated income in big batches. Bots may also set up play to lose competitions, thus giving advantage to teams and guilds. 

P2E idle games have tried many strategies to discourage bot action. Most recently, Crabada disabled its idle PvE game and introduced more human checks to play. Axie Infinity may have also received bot action during peak play times. P2E games vary in their daily activity depending on the type of game and blockchain, with some only drawing in a few thousand players, compared for hundreds of thousands for top activity leaders like Alien Worlds or Splinterlands.

PGX continued to drop after the latest market downturn, sliding to $0.01 range and threatening to go below a penny. VIS is down to $0.00014, making the game much less viable.

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