Pegaxy Prepares for Burn Launch Starting in Days

Pegaxy (PGX) aims to discover a sustainable P2E model through iterative game updates.
  • 638.4K Pega NFT on sale after no-fee breeding event.
  • VIS recovers to $0.005 after dip to $0.004, PGX at $0.14.
  • Burning NFTs combines two more common Pegas to produce a rarer type.

Just four days after the end of the biggest Pega creation event, Pegaxy will introduce the combine and burn mechanism. This new game feature will decrease the number of available Pegas, but also shift the game balance to new type collections.

The shift will arrive just as players are figuring out statistics-based gaming. A Peta type does not guarantee a win, and neither does the breed, giving an element of chance to all participants. 

How Pegaxy Burn Can Change the Game

Upgrading a Pega by combining two of the same type while burning VIS tokens will grant access to upcoming tiered competitions. The current reward of 175 PGX per race will change into varied rewards for different ranks of Pegas.

Corey Wilton, founder of Pegaxy, mentioned a list of challenges leading to the goal of building a sustainable game. Pegaxy has to guide Pega growth in the right direction, while building a mechanism to use up excess VIS. In the future, Pegaxy will add a skills-based element and make earnings more unpredictable, requiring foresight and work. 

In its initial state of automated competitions, the game allowed for bot action, leading to excess VIS and less chance of income for real players. Pegaxy now wants to build a real ecosystem, encouraging real user engagement.

Pegaxy is one of the P2E games with the most active updates, and is discovering the best model for sustainable earnings with real-time iterations. 

The game’s activity has settled at around 8.2K users per day, with a turnover above $161K in 24 hours. PGX stepped back to $0.14, while VIS had a rally, recovering to $0.005. Both assets are yet to gain more prominent listings and gain from their low positions. The price of PGX and VIS will also depend on the direction the game takes. 

The growth of Pega NFTs has stalled after the end of the breeding event, leading to 628.4K playable horses listed on OpenSea. Only about 2K new Pegas were added after the end of the event, while still keeping the lower floor price of 0.008 ETH. Now, this number will start to be whittled down as more common types are converted to more rare ones.

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