Pegaxy Unveils New Racing Rules, Exclusive Breeding Event

Pegaxy (PGX) will shift its game balance by introducing breeding genetics and taking into account Pega statistics for racing instead of randomly generated factors.
  • Pega genetics will matter more in competitions.
  • VIS token up 58% in a single day, expecting bigger rally.
  • Players prepare for special breeding event starting April 3.

Pegaxy will rebuild its racing system, to take into account the statistics of individual Pegas. Until now, races were automated based on simulated external factors. Now, Pegaxy will deepen the importance of genetics and the statistics of each Pega. 

With more than 485K Pegas bred in the past months, the competition may pick up to reflect the value of the most rare NFTs.

Genetics will be a game-changer that will decrease the oversupply of Pegas. Additionally, the game plans to introduce a Pega burning mechanism. New Pegas are created all the time, which is favorable for the Vigorus (VIS) token, but keeps bringing down the average price of Pega sales, to under 0.01 ETH. 

Despite the high supply, Pegaxy will remove cooldown periods for a few days to create a new breeding event. Afterward, players will be able to burn or level up Pegas, adding a new dimension to competitions. 

Pegaxy, however, is still far from launching its promised skill-based game, and will come to resemble Axie Infinity and other stats-based games.

Pegaxy players have excited the game in the past week, moving down the user count from above 20,000 to around 11K users in 24 hours.

PGX Rallies After Update News

PGX bounced from its lows, to trade above $0.20 with a 20% gain. The PGX price action was also the result of the overall recovery for crypto markets, with Bitcoin (BTC) touching levels above $48,000. 

PGX trading volumes are slowly picking up. The asset has peaked close to $1, and can recover with the game’s evolution. 

VIS made an attempt at rallying, and since it is a sub-penny token, a gain of 58% in one day is not that unusual. VIS moved up to $0.007, still struggling to break above the $0.01 tier despite a favorable mint/burn ratio. 

VIS may also rise after the breeding event, as it will also increase the token burn. The mechanism of leveling up or burning Pegas will also shift the token balance, possibly helping for a VIS rally.

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