Pegaxy Upgrades: Revised Breeding, Lobby Selection Launch May 31

Pegaxy aims to move to mobile-first and tap the market for mobile natives.
  • Corey Wilson revealed skilled gameplay is in advanced development and may arrive soon.
  • Game to delay metaverse stadiums, gear, to assure real economic value.
  • Lobby selection based on statistics will give more chance to some Pega NFT in competition.

Pegaxy has lined up multiple updates for its game, aiming to go beyond the current automated stage. For now, Pegaxy will tweak breeding to reflect the Pega NFT genetics. As a positive sign, Pegaxy keeps building even when its P2E model and token price levels are far from their peak.

On May 31, a series of changes will come to the game, changing the breeding mechanics.

The Pegaxy game recently released the Themis voting system and is constantly gathering data on the game’s direction. Corey Wilson, the game’s founder, explained the 2022 roadmap will be flexible and tweak its previous goals. 

The biggest change will be the Lobby Selection, which will split Pega available based on statistics instead of assigning a random lobby. 

Pegaxy Tweaks Roadmap to Avoid Value Traps

Other updates will include a Drop System for races, offering a mechanic of items being dropped. There are still only general expectations, but Pegaxy will include Keys and Mystery Boxes to incentivize playing. The Pegaxy team is now thinking about tools to boost the rewards of the game, though still not having a complete value plan, such as a tasks and quest system. 

Initially, Pegaxy was a classic P2E game with a goal of offeiring relatively predictable income for idle gameplay. Now, Pegaxy is trying to rebuild the game with new incentives and counteract the falling price of PGX and VIS. 

Pegaxy will also be targeting mobile natives, possibly offering some of the upgrades as mobile-first. Another goal is to make the blockchain interactions seamless and invisible for users. 

Additionally, the game team will review the potential of Land-based gameplay and metaverse land plots, in terms of the real value it will provide. Pegaxy has pushed back gear and stadiums, to preview the real role of those game mechanics and their potential in NFT trading. 

Wilson also suggested the skilled gameplay mechanics may be closer than expected, without revealing details. 

Despite the game’s activity, PGX is still at $0.034. VIS has fallen to $0.000193, and may be an asset fit just for the most dedicated breeders. More than 841K Pega have been created, with a floor price of 0.002 ETH. The game still hosts 20.67K players after its mobile beta launch.

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