Pegaxy Price Prediction (21.03.2022): Will PGX and VIS Stop the Slide

Pegaxy prepares for the Themis governance platform to balance rewards and VIS supply.

Pegaxy (PGX) with its native VIS token is struggling to find the balance between gameplay and the value of rewards. Recently, Pegaxy re-opened its 3D racing for 15 playable characters, hoping to optimize its gameplay. 

The Pegaxy game is working actively on its updates, and its daily user count picked up to more than 21K players. Some of the players and NFT traders are still suspected to be bots, but the game still lines up among the most active on the Polygon network. Pegaxy also added a list of verified Guilds, incentivizing real players.

Now, the gaming environment awaits the launch of a mobile app with added features for exchanging crypto tokens. 

Price Prediction: Where Will PGX and VIS Go

The PGX voting asset will have a new application with the upcoming Themis governance system on Pegaxy. How the votes will go is a guess, as the community is tasked with selecting the right game balance for creating VIS and burning tokens. 

PGX traded at $0.18, still within the range of the past few days. PGX is also highly volatile in the short term, with wild price swings. The asset managed to bounce off its monthly lows, though still not going for a recovery rally.

VIS traded at $0.0069, still a sub-penny token. At that price, even a small price move may be used for speculation. VIS reached lows of $0.004 this week, with a relatively fast recovery and another 12% drop on Monday.

Will VIS Burns Help

VIS is a token meant to be burned to increase value. However, the reversal of the oversupply is not happening fast enough. 

VIS in the past days also logged a favorable mint/burn ratio, signaling the game may make a successful turnaround. There were community proposals to use VIS for buying food or energy, thus further decreasing the supply. Some of the scholars are also burning their tokens as a tool to optimize earnings. 

Pegaxy is now in a race against time to send VIS back above a penny, while avoiding the fate of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and setting a long-term favorable mint/burn ratio. VIS may also benefit from an overall crypto market recovery.

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