Pegaxy Ranks Guilds by Race Winning Points

Pegaxy early investors are still worried the game did not achieve high returns through its native tokens.
  • Pegaxy may start pushing for more centralize listings to boost the price of its assets.
  • Game verifies guilds and logs their success in new guild ranking system.

Pegaxy is one of the games with the longest guild list, verifying all organizations on the blockchain. Now, Pegaxy will take into account the earned points and set a Hall of Fame and other tiers of success for guilds. 

This Friday, Pegaxy will also open its ARES Guilds Management platform, to make it easier to sign up for scholarships and safely hold Pegas for racing.

The Pegaxy game is shifting, as success relies on owning and racing multiple Pegas. With prices at 0.007 ETH for a basic Pega, guilds have an advantage, especially if owning Founding or Legendary NFTs. From April 2022, Pegas no longer compete with higher Types, instead having a tiered reward system. 

Pegaxy shifted down to 21.27K users, remaining the third most active app on Polygon. Pegaxy lost to Sunflower Land, which turned up activity with special promotions 

Will Pegaxy Return to Meaningful Earnings

Pegaxy is one of the games attempting to ensure meaningful earnings. But this has been possible mostly for leagues, while individual players and investors stand a smaller chance of winning. 

Reddit users are complaining that the game has turned into a bad investment, especially for early PGX buyers. The assets did not follow the trajectory of Axie Infinity, as despite the big popularity of Pegaxy, the game never gained early and widespread exchange listings.

One of the problems is the falling price of PGX, the race reward token. PGX is now down to $0.09, while VIS sank to $0.0019, down more than 60% in a single week. A small relief pump did not help the assets. The game still locks in more than $200K in notional value, but earnings may be disproportionately affected.

The remaining hope for PGX and VIS is to start trading on the Bitrue exchange this Friday. After the listing, PGX and VIS will gain additional liquidity, while users will be able to access swapping from within the game, not logging out to use a wallet. The Pegaxy community may also widen the campaign to gain new listings.

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