Pegaxy Rebuilds Rules for Shared Wallets and Pega NFT

Pegaxy to crack down on game grinding, preparing for more involved gameplay with strategic decisions.
  • PGX briefly rallies close to $0.02, but drop rewards still bring in more players.
  • Multi-wallet game usage to lead to bans, as well as multi-device racing.
  • Bans also lead to VIS and NFT items locked up for 100 years.

Pegaxy is more and more centered on guilds. But with upward of 1M Pega NFT and more complex racing rules, Pegaxy has set in to establish the rights of owners and scholars. Renting Pega NFT or sharing them in another way has some limitations, and Pegaxy wants to make the best of large-scale owners and scholars.

The general rule on Pegaxy will be to have one wallet per user and accrue rewards and competitions only from that wallet. This is to avoid multi-tab playing and multi-wallet access, which can also bring bots to the game.

Users breaking the account and wallet agreement will have their VIS locked, essentially having no tool to pay for breeding, fusion or other in-game activities. The accounts at fault may also have their Pega lost by being locked for 100 years. Pegaxy users must also be logged on one device at a time and cannot use multiple devices to race.

The new rules arrive ahead of a new round of expansions for guilds. The correct usage will ensure that scholars can have more influential roles and more admin rights, provided they are not used to grind the game on multiple tabs and devices. 

The approach is similar to Sunflower Land, which bans Farm NFT for multi-wallet gameplay and suspected bot activity. 

Pegaxy Attracts Players with Drop Racing

Even with the new rules, the Pegaxy game still attracts around 3.8K users, close to the usual range. Pegaxy users can already participate in Drop Racing, where they can earn Key Fragments and mystery chests. However, user reports have surfaced that the drop racing may be unfair to some of the Pega types with Fire and Lightning statistics.

Drop racing may become more attractive as the VIS and PGX rewards still command very low market prices. 

Guilds are already reorienting to the new drop model, with expectations of adding tournaments as well.

VIS currently remains at $0.00005, while PGX remains at $0.012, despite a highly volatile 50% rise to nearly $0.02.

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