Pegaxy: Will Crowned Pega Change the Game’s Fortune

Pegaxy offers more engagement with stadium selection, drop races, consumables and color changes.
  • The Pegaxy team has not given up on upgrades despite some skepticism from players.
  • Pega NFT reach 1.1M, breeding slows down.
  • Crowned Pega features use VIS burns to potentially gain rare Quadruple Crown status.

Pegaxy reached the launch of a new feature – Crowned Pega, a cosmetic addition to Pega NFT. The Crowned status, with four levels of rarity, is available for owners of Fabled Tokens, a limited asset. Additionally, drawing a Crowned status will require VIS tokens to be burned. 

Fabled Tokens are very limited and were first issued during a referral program for the Pegaxy game. 

Will Pegaxy Improve its Standing

The Pegaxy game has lost most of its players, mostly due to crashing values for most of the assets. Pegaxy only has around 2.57K players in 24 hours, down from a usual level above 8K in the past few weeks. 

The current count arrives after a game maintenance period, possibly increasing the player count without the lost hours. 

However, players have lost interest in Pegaxy due to the loss of value for VIS and PGX tokens. Race rewards are also skewed to the owners of top Pega NFT, but even those lost value during the bear market. 

Pegaxy Assets Stick to Low Price Range

VIS is extremely volatile at $0.00002, staging short-term rallies where it adds value. However, the gains are limited due to low liquidity. 

PGX remains around $0.005, giving some stability to the game prizes. Pegaxy also relies on newly introduced drop races, where players compete for Key Fragments and mystery boxes instead of PGX or VIS. The current tools to burn VIS still cannot make a dent into the token’s large supply.

Pegaxy NFT generation has stalled around 1.1M Pega, with no special breeding events. The NFT have the potentia to fuse, though demand even for top Pega remains low. The game may be accessible to start now, though without significant earnings potential. 

Pegaxy still offers guild access, with tools to expand the admin rights of scholars for breeding, fusion or other in-game tasks. Pegaxy for now gives up on launching a metaverse mode with stadium ownership. The game has managed to reach most other intended milestones, aiming to drive engagement. The game introduced consumables for color changes, as well as stadium selection.

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