Pegaxy Tweaks Automated Game to Stave Off Bots

Pegaxy aims to balance breeding and racing P2E strategies. Game shows significant growth for guilds seeking new players.

Pegaxy kept its promise to tweak the automated game often and go ahead of bots. This time, the game team improved protection against bots in the rental market, to make playable horses more accessible. 

Pegaxy is one of the busiest applications showing the resilience of the play to earn model, despite some setbacks and asset price weakness. 

The user count for Pegaxy remains at robust levels, with around 20K players per day in the past weeks after a period of growth. Pegaxy picked up the pace right after updating its racing system and introducing simulated 3D races for up to 15 players.

So far, Pegaxy has tried to curb bots in automated play and renting, though there are still complaints of bots doing automated NFT trades.

The number of Pega NFTs keeps rising each day, with more than 440K listed on OpenSea. The floor price is down to 0.011 ETH, falling along with the average price. At the same time, there is rising demand for scholars as more guilds crop up and are verified. 

Why VIS Keeps Dropping

Vigorus (VIS) is one of the turning points for Pegaxy. The token keeps falling despite a favorable mint/burn ratio.

VIS managed to stabilize just above $0.006, but users speculate guilds may be keeping the price low. VIS is also suffering from limited trading, and for now players may have to hold the asset in hopes of future appreciation.

VIS is also facing demand for running Pega farms, where breeding is done at scale. For big guilds, keeping the price of VIS low may be a tool to breed Pegas on the cheap. Because Pegas have limited breeding cycles, farms are a way to increase both the potential for more wins and for resale on OpenSea.

The game is thus going through a balance of racing and breeding income, as well as potential NFT income. Guilds and bigger organizations can maximize Pegaxy earnings better than individual players.

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