Pegaxy Tweaks Pega Fusion Fee Schedule

Pegaxy now has above 40K users, becoming again a top 2 Polygon game.
  • The game makes fusion and upgrades more accessible.
  • More than 40K players join Pegaxy after the end of the special breeding event.
  • Pega NFT floor price falls to 0.006 ETH, offering a lower barrier to new players.

Pegaxy revealed the latest tweaks with a new Pega Fusion schedule. The tool allows players to burn two Pega NFT of the same type of rarity, to produce one Pega of a higher rarity type. The schedule also takes into account the breeding count of each Pega and resets it to a higher breeding potential after a VIS fee.

The reasons for the rule change is that the Pegaxy community considered the fees too steep. The game team decided to refund PGX used in early fusings after the launch and rework the fee schedule. The game is one example where user input can sway the P2E balance for a more accessible yet sustainable game rule. 

For now, the new rules have not affected the balance of NFT sales, with 665.3K Pegas available on OpenSea. The larger supply now pressures the floor price to 0.006 ETH. This may be an advantage for new players, who can now enter the game with a lower initial investment. 

Pegaxy Players Flow In

After the initial days of confusion, players seemed to abandon Pegaxy. But after the renewed competitions and a game update, Pegaxy is coming to life again. 

In the past week, the game hosted less than 10K players, often going down to 8K. Most were also busy with the breeding event between April 10-14. After that, the initial confusion of a statistics-based game also confused players. 

Now, Pegaxy hosts 40.69K users, and is once again the second most used game app on Polygon. Pegaxy is now second only to Splinterlands, and has displaced previously hot Sunflower Land and Aavegotchi after their initial hype. 

At the current game balance, the PGX token stabilized at $0.17, after falling to a low of $0.14. VIS, the asset burned to breed or upgrade Pega NFTs, is now at 0.0057 after a small recovery. The game may be more appealing now for top Pega owners, with competitions offering 570 PGX per round for the award pool on Epic Pega racing. Owners of Founding or Legendary Pegas can compete for 1,550 PGX per round spread over the top 3 spots.

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