Play Crabada Completed Marketplace Updates

Crabada (CRA) grows its supply of Crab NFTs with the hope of bringing in more players.

Play Crabada, one of the most active games on the Avalanche exchange, added new features on its Crab marketplace. The playable NFT are key to the game, and may soon start breeding in hopes of much wider adoption. 

As of April 2022, the available crabs for teams were limited and remained high-priced. Crabada is still at an early stage where owning the NFT characters is a significant barrier to entry, but also a sign the game has not been overwhelmed by too much supply.

The Crabada game still expanded its NFT, as previously it hovered around 51K crabs. The current count is 100K playable characters of various skills, potentially creating 33K teams of three. 

Crabs can be used directly to mine resources and exchange them for other valuables, or they can be rented out in the Tavern for passive TUS income. Current top prices reach nearly 19K TUS per crab.

Crabs can now be bought and sold with a filter displaying the combinations of battling and mining statistics, leading to clearer game strategies. For Crabada, popularizing its battle game and relying on the statistics of crabs will be a new stage in development. In the meantime, the game keeps adding players during more active periods. 

DappRadar places users above 7.01K, reaching the range of more active games like Pegaxy before they jumped to rapid popularization. Crabada is thus a potential growth gem, benefitting from the widening adoption of Avalanche.

Crabada Assets Still Need Recovery

Crabada is a multi-token game, with a governance asset CRA and Treasure Under Sea (TUS) generated continuously and awarded in the game. CRA fell to $0.45, losing more than 9% in a day. TUS is down by 15% to 0.029, still above the cutoff meaningful reward of 0.015 estimated by players. 

Crabada may remain lucrative for early adopters or crab team owners, but is currently offering a risky experience of low TUS prices and still relatively expensive crab NFTs.

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