Play Crabada Game Changes: Which Rewards Got Slashed

Play Crabada aims to build up its ecosystem with the battle game, while discouraging idle play due to bot activity.
  • Battle game offers a period of higher rewards to boost participation.
  • TUS rewards cut, after months of looting and mining bots dumping the token.

Play Crabada now has a complete outline of new game rules, aimed to make the game fairer and avoid the oversupply of TUS. The new rules aim to incentivize players to move to the battle game and abandon the idle game.

The new rules arrive just days after Play Crabada phased out some of the gameplays from Avalanche C-Chain and moved them to Swimmer Network. This was reflected in Crabada users, which are now only a few hundred on the old network and are still not tracked on the new. Crabada players were above 8K per day before the migration and may catch up in the coming weeks. 

Play Crabada aims to make its P2E model viable again, as it was broken by too low TUS prices and too high AVAX network fees. Now, some of the TUS will be burned for fees, immediately turning deflationary. The game still offers earnings to Crabs breeders, as the supply is low and there is demand to build new teams for the battle game. 

The remaining PlayCrabada NFT were among the most active on Avalanche. Now, most NFT are active on Swimmer Network.

The idle and looting game for Crabada were problematic due to the inflow of bots. The bot play could not be eliminated completely, and in the past was one of the key ways to earn money with the game. Bots were especially active in looting mode, with earnings followed by rapid selling of TUS for as much profit as possible. 

Play Crabada introduced anti-bot registrations, aiming to boost the number of real players. Battle mode will hinge on an account’s level and NFT owned, with a human element of selecting Crabs and using attacks. Earlier records from bot producers showed that players were joining Crabada through the bot, to avoid the manual idle play and produce more predictable income.

After the migration, Treasure Under Sea (TUS) stabilized at around $0.004. CRA was up 11% to $0.12.

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