Play Crabada: Will This Game Build a Favorable P2E Ratio

Crabada (CRA) aims to preserve a positive earning profile as Treasure Under Sea (TUS) slides.
  • CRA, TUS, slide to one-month low on selling pressures.
  • Swimmer Network coming in May to move Avalanche traffic and further decrease gas fees.
  • Crabada still has positive P2E equation at TUS prices above $0.015.

Play Crabada is at a stage where its earnings model can show its strength. The Crabada game is also attracting users and keeps scoring as one of the top gas burners on the Avalanche C-Chain.

The number of transactions is now sufficient to cover the gameplay of just around 6.4K players. For that reason, scaling Crabada will require the eventual launch of Swimmer Network, a separate Avalanche-based blockchain with even lower expenses. 

The other big change for Crabada is coming after April 26. Instead of the initial automated idle play, Crabada will introduce statistics-based gameplay for its Crab NFTs.

With this move, Crabada follows the approach of Pegaxy, where the qualities of the NFT playable characters will matter more in the game. Later, Crabada also plans to build a skills-based game and expand its available Crabs through more breeding. 

Will the Crabada Tokenomics Remain Viable

Crabada is still nowhere near the boom of Axie Infinity, and its expansion is just starting. The biggest concern is the expansion of the game reward token meant to be inflationary – TUS. The mint/burn ratio of the token, as well as the production of Crab NFTs is another factor that can tip the balance of the game. 

Crabada has also shown signs of financial success based on fees from renting Crabs, breeding and marketplace usage. A recent breakdown shows some of the game’s successful points and potential problems.

CRA, the main asset of Crabada, has been sinking for a month and is down to $0.47, with almost no change year-on-year, despite brief hikes to peak prices above $2.50. Treasure Under Sea (TUS) has significantly shifted its price in the past month, sinking from above $0.13 down to $0.03, significantly decreasing the real earnings potential of the game. At the same time, low TUS prices mean cheaper breeding. 

Even at $0.03, TUS is worth the game efforts. However, if the falling trend continues, the Crabada tokenomics falls apart at $0.015 per TUS. At that price, playing is more expensive than buying TUS from the market.

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