Polkacity Adds AI Feature to its Metaverse, Soon to Launch Horse Racing

Polkacity is a two-chain game based on Ethereum and BSC.

Polkacity added exposure to its metaverse game, after adding an AI feature to make gameplay more engaging. Polkacity wants to offer a complete virtual city, where players can use the metaverse features to buy and trade tokens and NFT. 

Polkacity is also one of the few projects to offer a combination of AI and NFT, where ownership gives players a form of passive income. 


Polkacity is an ambitious projects, using multiple blockchains, while providing a virtual reality metaverse and gaming. The initial launch of Polkacity was on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

Polkacity is also giving a short-term chance for a $200 prize based on a set of tasks on Gleam. 


Polkacity Expands with New Urban Features

As its name suggests, Polkacity aims to build a full 3D metaverse city experience. The game has residential areas, air and ground transportation, and plans to bring in horse racing as well. 


Horseracing tracks were sold toward the end of 2022, with 52 NFT sold to various owners. Players paid as much as $1,000 for the NFT, but they will receive some of the funds back in the form of POLC tokens. There are 98 more racing tracks left with the potential to draw in racers. 

The game also offers commercial and retail districts, as well as metaverse ownership. The Polkacity game uses a semi-realistic style, rendering 3D characters with a complexity somewhat similar to Decentraland. Presence in the metaverse also adds to social media features. 

Players create a metaverse profile, which they can carry around the metaverse, in addition to using blockchain records for their ownership. Polkacity aims to be game-first, as its assets still rely on PancakeSwap. The decentralized exchange will have assured liquidity locked for another three years to ensure the value of Polkacity tokens.

Polkacity resembles the older metaverse games, as it has no native wallet. Joining Polkacity still requires a MetaMask wallet for some of the operations, instead of an integrated wallet.

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