Prepare for Mobile Beta: One Day Left for Pegaxy Launch

Pegaxy (PGX) now created more than 800K Pega NFT, waiting for fusion mechanics to bring down the number and boost Type statistics.
  • Pega NFT trade with a floor price of 0.003 ETH as low VIS price boosts breeding.
  • Themis voting platform coming soon.
  • Pegaxy draws in more than 10K players despite bear market fears.

Pegaxy is closing in on May 24, the deadline for the mass launch of its mobile beta game. The game may expect a new inflow of users as it becomes more easily available for automated competitions. 

The game will be limited based on region, until the app unrolls for more players worldwide. Pegaxy, like Axie Infinity, is one of the top P2E hubs for Southeast Asia and Japan. 

Along with the mobile version, the Themis voting system is also coming, with the potential to shift game balances and rewards based on player feedback.

Ahead of the mobile launch, Pegaxy regained its player count, with 10.48K players. Despite the lowered market prices of its assets, some guilds are in the game for the long run, while also competing for Hall of Fame achievements.

Pegaxy is also entering the stage where the game is played to keep up positions, expecting future developments. Some guilds are not cashing out, but accruing resources, potentially hoping for digital land sales within the game. 

Pegaxy Still Attractive Despite Bear Market Fears

During a bear market, some of the players may decide not to cash out, but instead keep the awards and reinvest them into their profile. Pegaxy, like other semi-idle automated games, is potentially open to bot activity, where the chief goal is to cash out. Instead, Pegaxy players may choose to up their ranks and focus on Pega breeding and ownership. 

PGX remains at its usual levels in the past few weeks, around $0.033. VIS is down to $0.000182, not as viable as a source of earnings. On the positive side, this makes breeding more accessible, as well as combining Pegas. While the NFT floor price remains low with a trend to fall, unique and improved-type Pegas may hope for exclusive game positions.

Increased breeding led to the creation of 815.3K Pega NFT, even with fusion mechanics. The floor price is still at 0.003 ETH.

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