Every Farm: Join This Special Weekend Event

Every Farm’s goal is to level up wit strategic farming. Game has free-to-play version with resource giveaways.
  • Every Farm offers regular giveaways for all participants or exclusive perks.
  • Win GOLD, SEEDs or other bonuses.
  • Game is based on Wemix, internal market and swapping still in the future.

Every Farm is one of the top resource farming games, gaining popularity for its finished product and regular rewards. This weekend, Every Farm is setting a special giveaway for all participants, in addition to a special event for social media engagement. 


The giveaway is in addition to the running event until June 26 for 100,000 Golds. The game is using the special events, giving away SEEDS and GOLD to boost its player engagement. This is one of the reasons for Every Farm trending on social media. 

Farming games took off in the past six months, as the games grew popular for new types of resources and items. Unlike NFT Farmer or Farmers World, Every Farm has a free-to-play version and sits outside the regular blockchain ecosystem. 

Every Farm to Use Wemix 3.0 Ecosystem

Every Farm is built on the Wemix blockchain, specially created to host games and offer in-game tokenization with internal swap structure. Every Farm is not present in the usual list ot blockchain games and is not listed on major exchanges. 

The Wemix platform also hosts popular games like Crypto Ball Z. The blockchain recently released its version 3.0, allowing for more agile NFT and game creation. 

The games on the platform will not remain without liquidity, instead relying on the internal system of Wemix to build its own brand of DeFi and even a native stablecoin. While this is not entirely without risk, the Wemix ecosystem will be removed from other flows of liquidity. WEMIX $ will also be added as a stablecoin backed by US dollars and other currencies to achieve in-game earnings with a predictable and intuitive price.

For now, Every Farm does not have an internal trading system, unlike the simpler Sunflower Land. Every Farm is a slow game, with additional difficulty in keeping the farm clean and a product-expiration mechanic. There is a limited path to swapping the Heart resource for Flero tokens, then for Wemix credits and finally for other crypto assets such as ETH.

Players cannot hoard produced items. Gold and heart are also rare items, slowing down the progress. The game relies on building more interesting mini-tasks and goals to make up for the slow progress.

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