Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: P2E Success, but Bad Reviews from Gamers

Bot action signals Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds may be tested as a viable crypto game.
  • Players reported long lines to log onto the game.
  • Cross Worlds required significant grinding for Territe tokens and gold to buy new NFT items.
  • The game introduced new relics on June 22.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is creating a paradox in gaming. On the one hand, the game successfully integrated NFT and an in-game currency with a native marketplace. But players that knew the game for its previous installments were also discontent about its new approach. 

The game added an update with eight new relics this Wednesday, but its appeal with players may be waning. 

One of the reasons for the drop in both ratings and player interest is the arrival of bots to the game. This prevents players from logging in, unless they also buy an event ticket using the native token of Ni No Kuni: Cross worlds. While this is not unusual in crypto games, Ni No Kuni has also angered traditional gamers which are often highly skeptical of NFT items.

Cross Worlds Aims to Connect to Crypto-Enthusiasts

Cross Worlds continues to make its forays into P2E, testing the potential of bridging the two types of games. Game passes in the form of ticket NFT or tournament fees are not unknown in blockchain games, but they are sparking outrage along with the long waiting times to log in to game servers. The game pass itself is not due to bots, but would have been available even if the game queues were made by real players. 

Yet the arrival of bots signals another story – that on the crypto side, there is some interest in collecting assets from Cross Worlds. The assets will not be traded on regular marketplaces, and the game offers the in-game Territe asset, which has only limited exchange possibilities for other crypto assets. The other complaint was that the game revolved around grinding for Territe or gold, and that the updated items were too many, making the gameplay to collect them too repetitive.

Additionally, Marblex, the producer behind Cross Worlds, will partner with guilds to boost player count and attract the real fans of NFT games. A3: Still Alive is the other open gaming headline offering a similar approach to earning crypto and NFT.

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