Ronin with 3M Wallets, Becomes Hot NFT Network

Ronin network allows a limited set of Axie Infinity transactions for basic play, requiring fees for frequent usage.

Ronin, the new network of Axie Infinity that has been running for a few months, recently marked the addition of 3M wallets since inception. With that score, Ronin lines up with Avalanche C-Chain in terms of adoption for games. Additionally, the network logs 62K active users per day, partially reflecting the usage of Axie Infinity.

The Axie Infinity game itself is running Season 21, the last one before Origin introduces token rewards and leaderboards. DappRadar data shows the game has 11.46K players per day, a lower overall activity compared to previous seasons. 

Axie Builds Toward Land Gameplay, Global Origin Access

Axie is slowly transitioning to Origin, which is already active on some Android devices. Origin is still in testing mode, with bug fixes still needed before a global launch. The success of Axie hinged on its mobile app, which allowed idle access to multiple players. 

But the game is working on changing its mode, adding land-based mining. Recent images show the preparation for mining mechanics. 

The game is also moving on from large-scale seasons, and instead, organizations are offering small-scale events and tournaments. This solves the problem of reward availability and improves the potential for game rewards.

Tournaments can also help burn SLP, which can be gathered in the form of fees and burined in a smart contract.

Ronin Carries Axies, Other Top NFT Collections

Despite the attack against the Ronin-ETH bridge, the network is still usable and fast, ensuring trading for Axies and other collections. 

Axies are the most traded NFT, but Ronin also carries some of the top NFT collections – CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Art Blocks.

RON, the native asset of the Ronin network, stabilized around $0.50 after a weekly dip to $0.44. For now, RON fails to fulfill the expectations of a much higher market price. Recently, RON has started paying for network fees, after limiting the number of free transactions. 

Despite the potential to pay for Axies in SLP, the asset is still trading low at $0.0057. AXS, the voting and reward asset, stabilized at around $21.13.

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