Snail Trail Game Offers Mega Racing with Higher Prize Pools

Snail Trail Game saw its volume rise by more than 700% after a SLIME and NFT burning event in the past week.
  • Snail Trail Game will offer varied types of simulated racing.
  • Snail NFT burn boosted game user count, destroying low-value items.
  • The game lines up in the top 10 of Avalanche P2E apps.

Snail Trail Game is quickly becoming one of the top P2E and NFT projects on Avalanche. In the short term, the game saw a one-month volume spike, coinciding with a recent Snail burn event.

Snail Trail Game is trying to balance its P2E ratio, hence the demand for SLIME tokens and the destruction of some of the Snail NFT. The boost in activity put the game solidly among top 10 Avalanche games using C-Chain smart contracts. 

Snail Trail Game resembles the approach of Crabada or Snake City, with breedable Snails with complex DNA and features. The goal is to create both experimental mixes or achieve pure-breed rare Snails with extra in-game utility. The Snail and SLIME burn mechanism boosts XP scores as well, encouraging players to test the game and create a new balance. 

Currently, Snail NFT resell with asking prices of 0.15 to 0.17 AVAX, a relatively low barrier to entry. Breeding those relatively inexpensive snails can also produce NFT with more rare features. Exclusive snails bring much higher resale values.

With AVAX at around $17, the game can have favorable earnings from NFT resales.

Snail Trail Game Offers Three Game Modes

The Snail Trail Game centers around simulated racing based on the features of each snail. The game has competitive leaderboards and daily challenges are free to play. But it is also possible to join the PvP mode or participate in larger tournaments with a prize pool. 

Mega Races are perhaps the most attractive feature on Snail Trail Game currently available. The feature was not on the roadmap, but was added as a way to boost participation. 

Mega Races include up to 64 Snails and have a prize pool in AVAX. Joining a daily race with the right kind of snail can boost earnings chances. In Mega Races, the Snail’s level and features are not hampered by any race track conditions and can give a bigger chance of winning. Snail Trail Game will always tweak its races, to find the best mix of Snail NFT features and the chance to win.

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