Sunflower Land: Are There Hints of Adventure Mode

Sunflower Land grows its player count slowly, adding 500 new farms recently.
  • Land expansion is in the works, Sunflower Land expects map evolution.
  • Team Goblin takes the lead in week 2 of the Goblin Wars.
  • SFL token keeps gains at $0.08, remains highly active on Polygon.

Sunflower Land continues to evolve, and hints have appeared of a new feature. The Sunflower Isles may be a new game region in addition to existing farms.

For now, it is unknown what this map region will offer to players, with the possibility for either land expansion or adventure mode. 

Sunflower Land Enters the Second Week of Goblin Wars

Sunflower Land is currently in the midst of the Goblin Wars, its main 10-week challenge. The game has already handed out some of the Amulets, and the two teams support busy leaderboards with competition for resources and War Bonds. Team Goblin had a slight advantage during week 1.

The Goblin Wars will award 10 rare amulets, while also keeping players on the lookout for rare cosmetic items. During the Goblin Wars, Sunflower Land attracted around 5.6K players in 24 hours, a bit lower than its usual range. 

The special gaming period also has a positive effect on SFL tokens. SFL kept close to $0.08 for the past week, as it still faces no significant selling pressure. SFL is mostly kept within the game for trading purposes and for frequently appearing crafted items. 

Sunflower Land Keeps High Token Activity Levels

Sunflower Land Inventory is now big enough to merit its own token and smart contracts. SLI tokens on the Polygon network have been held in more than 200K addresses, even exceeding the number of farms.

SFL tokens are held in 159,382 addresses, roughly corresponding to the number of farms. Based on this activity, the game remains one of the busiest Polygon-based apps, with relatively low-cost interactions with the blockchain. Sunflower Land remains a relatively closed game, limiting the number of players, but aiming for sustainability and competition to avoid asset bloat. 

There are now 160 collectible items on sale on OpenSea, with 806 MATIC in turnover, while farms are also slowly growing, with 500 new NFT minted in the past days. Farm trading has slowed down, as most players try to keep and cultivate their items, and resales are at less than 0.01 ETH floor price.

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