Sunflower Land: Players can Now Choose Sides in the Goblin Wars

Sunflower Land to add land expansion in its next step, following the launch of Goblin Wars.
  • Banners for each team are ready: players pick sides for the upcoming Goblin Wars.
  • In-game trading becomes more active, for crops and rare items.
  • SFL token stabilized at $0.06.

Five days before the launch of Goblin Wars, Sunflower Land opened up the selection to choose a side. Players can pick Team Bumpkin or Team Goblin and fight under the yellow or green flag. 

The new game mode will offer week-long war campaigns, a chance to earn War Bonds and swap them for rare amulets. The NFT amulets can be traded and are meant to enhance farm yields. 

Until now, goblins were a passive force in the game, with a trading role while also stealing players’ shovels. Now, team Goblin can raise their own resources and earn rare items. 

Sunflower Land Rewards Top Cake Chefs

The weekly Cake challenge is now adding another level. Players that produced all 10 specialty cakes in the game will receive a new NFT item.

Most of the Sunflower Land items remain within the game, as exporting an item on the blockchain would require additional steps and fees. NFT rare items such as chickens or other seasonal decorations can be exchanged through the in-game store. 

For now, SFL also remains at $0.06, with no significant crashes. The token sees limited trading and will rely on in-game deflation when less SFL is rewarded for crops and resources.

Sunflower Land players moved down to 6.4K per day, though the game remains among top Polygon apps. The game’s account creation is capped at 151K farms, though some of the players are still banned from participation. The game aims to ban bot accounts and avoid automated activity. 

Sunflower Land relies on significant time investment, only allowing limited use of harvesting bots. Items take a long time to produce. Based on user accounts, one of the rare cakes may be resold in the game for about $8 in SFL tokens. 

Additional data on in-game trading shows an active market for cakes, which do not appear on OpenSea. All other crops and resources are also for sale, with players trying to find the best strategy based on SFL prices and in-game demand.

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