Sunflower Land Shows New Rare Items and Badges from the Goblin Wars

Sunflower Land continues to grow organically, preparing for more active updates in the coming months.
  • Both Farmer and Goblin teams will be able to win rare medals.
  • Sunflower Land recovers to 8.5K players per day, still near the top on Polygon.
  • No more new farms to mint for now.

With around a week left for the Goblin Wars, and Sunflower Land is starting to showcase some of the rare items within the game. Just like with farms, the game will offer a limited number of amulets, with an effect on farm productivity. 

Each amulet will boost growth and harvesting for a different crop. So far, the team has hinted at beetroot and sunflower amulets.

Amulets can belong both to Farmers and Goblins and will be reachable to all players, no matter which side they picked. Amulets may also revive the NFT trading within the game and serve a role similar to farm NFT. 

The game currently has the top limit of 151K farms, with all of the newly offered 1,000 NFT minted in about a week. Farms have a relatively low price under 0.01 ETH, with 257 ETH traded so far. 

Sunflower Land Still the Top Farming Game on Polygon

Sunflower Land still attracts 8.5K players per day, lining up among the top successful Polygon games.

SFL, the game’s native token, stopped its slide and established its level at $0.06. SFL still has more uses within the game, leading to smaller direct sales. SFL production will decrease over time relative to resource production. For some players, the slide in SFL prices has been disappointing. However, the game manages to grow organically and led a revival in new farming-type games.

Unfortunately, Sunflower Land did not win the QuickSwap competition to include the token in a liquidity mining program. SFL still has limited liquidity, while the game requires MATIC and USDC based on the Polygon network to pay for fees and move assets on the main chain. Most Sunflower Land item trading can happen within the game with no fees, using in-game trading mechanics.

The next resource sink will be land extensions, coming in the next few weeks. Players will need to acquire wood and stone to build a larger farm. In the Land Expansion update, the types of lands will also be different. In addition to the personal farm, there will be Sunflower Town and Goblin Village. Players will also be able to grow resources in a community garden.

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