Farmer Crypto Official Opening is Here: Buy House and Props, Farm and Earn

FCC token already has near $200K in liquidity on PancakeSwap.
  • Farmer Crypto recently completed NFT sale and IDO token sale.
  • Main game launched on August 26 on Binance Smart Chain.
  • FCC token rose to $0.38 in the first hours of trading on PancakeSwap.

Farmer Crypto announced its full launch and is now open with its central features – building a farm, hiring a farmer and producing crops and items. Farmer Crypto is another addition to the idle farming game, which includes Sunflower Land, My Neighbor Alice, EveryFarm, and other world-building games.

Farmer Crypto uses Binance Smart Chain, a network that offers relatively low fees, but also access to a fully integrated ecosystem of exchanges and marketplaces. BSC remains one of the most popular networks for new and existing P2E games.

Farmer Crypto Still in Early NFT Trading Stage

Farmer Crypto is just starting out, offering early pickings to the first gamers. For now, there are few interactions with the blockchain. Farmer Crypto Coin (FCC), the game’s native asset, has already been minted, but is held in only 507 addresses. There are also 277 Farmer Crypto NFT tokens generated on the Binance Smart Chain. 

Farmer Crypto also held an INO, or an early NFT sale to secure a part of its financing. NFT buyers had a small time period to open their NFT boxes. The game’s marketplace will launch toward the end of 2022, with additional governance items and a rare Golden Carrot NFT.

The FCC token was recently distributed in an IDO and is in its very first days of trading. Even at this early stage, FCC is starting to build up initial liquidity.

The game still depends on tapping enough liquidity providers on PancakeSwap, with nearly $200K in liquidity from BNB tokens. FCC started its trading history at $0.25 and within one day rose to $0.38.

On August 25, participants in the IDO will also claim a part of the tokens – 40% of the initial haul. For now, the game is in the early stage and FCC may fluctuate, especially if it faces selling pressure.

The game officially started on August 26, and FCC will now go though a balancing stage to gauge the effect of in-game earnings on the market price.

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