Sunflower Land Still Lines Up as Top Polygon Game

Sunflower Land (SFL) aims at organic growth, with one farm per registered user.
  • The next big series of Sunflower Land updates are scheduled for Q4.
  • Farm minting maxed out at 150K NFT items.
  • SFL token sinks to $0.10, player count remains above 12K.

Sunflower Land, the simulated farming game, remains highly appealing and lines up among top Polygon apps. Despite slow days, the game manages to build up its weekly player count to compete with all other Polygon apps.

The activity on Sunflower Land even surpassed that of bigger games like The Sandbox. The farming game is also still ahead of Aavegotchi, which just introduced its own form of simulated farming. 

Sunflower Land has not announced new upgrades for now, as it has completed the initial sandbox stage. 

Farms Maxed Out at 150K NFT

Sunflower Land reached the end of its latest farm allotments. A total of 150K farms were minted in about two months since the game’s launch. The farms went to a few rounds of players, including players from the game’s first version.

Sunflower Land set an expectation that it may offer another batch of farms to be minted. At the same time, since the start the game is dedicated to organic growth.

The next update for Sunflower Land is scheduled for October. The game will have a new look with playable avatars. The first step is to introduce a form of battle mode. At some stage in Q4 2022, Sunflower Land may also add land expansion, which will be a new form of NFT for the game.

For now, Sunflower Land collectibles are only growing slowly, with 142 items listed. The game offers an internal marketplace, with few NFT exported to OpenSea. Despite the limited market, 749 ETH changed hands for rare produced items and special mutants on the open market.

Players Return to Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land attracts more than 12K players each day, with consistent activity over the past month. The game has surpassed previous leaders like Pegaxy, while offering regular missions, engagement and crafting.

The increase in players led to selling SFL, which tanked the price from its usual range of $0.20-$0.15 down to $0.10. SFL is still not essential to the game, but adds another layer of earnings potential. 

MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network, is also required for the game. Currently, MATIC trades around $0.89.

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