Sunflower Land Offers Land Expansion

Sunflower Land (SFL) offers larger farms, while still within its first round of minting 150K new farm NFT.
  • Trading between players is now active, with three free trades available and 1 SFL Goblin Fee.
  • SFL remains at $0.13, gaining popularity on QuickSwap.
  • Larger farms can be used for more resources, game also prepares playable avatars.

Sunflower Land is moving to the next step on its roadmap. Now, a new option exists in the game, as a tool to make farms more productive and as a sink for SFL tokens. 

A user reported the offer to extend land, using both SFL and in-game resources from the farm itself.

It seems land expansion is coming before another update – mutant crops. Players expected mutant crops to have arrived already, as they were hinted first a few weeks ago. Sunflower Land already has mutant chickens with higher rarity.

Farms are expanding slowly, and are now at 147.8K. Some of the farms minted by bots remain banned, after attempts to generate new plots and resell them at a unified price on OpenSea. The blacklisted farms can never return to the game.

Land expansion was also the answer to the ban on minting more than one farm per account. Currently, mass minting is intercepted and bot-like activity is punished with a farm ban. This creates problems for Sunflower Land users, as re-buying NFT farms is made riskier. Banned farms are on display on OpenSea and technically can be bought or sold, but cannot join the game.

SFL Keeps Value, Adds In-Game Utility

SFL is at $0.13, with minimal trading outside the game. But farms remain an in-demand asset and one of the most active non-fungible tokens based on the Polygon standard. In the past few days, Sunflower Land users also rose significantly, moving between 11K and 14K based on smart contract interactions.

Despite bot activity, Sunflower Land also has an organic community of supporters. They are adding to the visibility of the SFL token by engaging QuickSwap, one of the top decentralized exchanges.

The game also introduced in-game free trades, which mean most items will change hands outside NFT marketplaces. The SFL token is also essential within the economy, possibly facing less selling pressure. 

Sunflower Land may also benefit from improved MATIC market prices. MATIC rallied above $0.92 during one of the recent periods of crypto market recovery.

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